ChemSim's modeling and engineering services optimize processes, generating increased efficiency and cost savings. Whatever your project, we can help you map out a simulation plan, including:

  • Select the appropriate tools. As an independent company, ChemSim is not constrained by any specific vendor. We can offer independent advice in selecting the appropriate package. 
  • Identify the necessary data to collect. 
  • Determine the approach to take to establish a good base case - the fundamental basis of any successful simulation project! 
  • Develop the model.
  • Validate the model's reliability with plant data 
  • Answer the initial process questions.
  • Train your staff.

Probably the most popular process simulator is the Excel® spreadsheet. We can help you when it is time to take that spreadsheet model to the next level. 

ChemSim provides process simulation and improvement services to companies that no longer have internal capabilities in this area or that wish to supplement their internal capability. As ChemSim is an external resource, contracts may be short or long-term, depending on your company's needs.

Potential Project Areas 

Data Regression 
Using real plant data to determine process parameters by fitting to the data. The are several tools and many techniques involved here. 

Databank Properties
Interfacing to different databanks and extracting data

Data Packages 
Developing custom data packages for specific industries that always deal with the same limited set of components. 

File conversions
Typical software versioning problem with incompatible files due to software upgrades, or using a different simulator. 

Upgrading Old Models 
Old simulation projects completed by engineers who have moved on. We can help translate and update these old models to profit from the original investment made in those models

Development of custom USER models 
Adding a customized unit operation into a flowsheet is a powerful feature, but it is a non-trivial task.

VB interface development 
Modern simulators have an open architecture that allows a great deal of flexibility and potential customization. We can work with you to achieve this without devoting excessive resources. 

XML strategies 
Where best to leverage XML, use it for batch simulation, BatchML, or use it to more easily allow the transport of metadata across multiple interfaces. 

ChemSim is an independent company. When dealing with commercial flowsheet simulation packages we are not constrained by any specific vendor. We can offer independent advice in selecting the appropriate package. 

In addition to our core team of experts we can also utilize other independent consultants who work with us as needed. This provides us the flexibility of offering a comprehensive suite of services that cover a wide range of expertise. 

Where possible we incorporate your process data along with fundamental physical property information to provide the most comprehensive model that answers your specific needs. In addition to any process optimization, it is always important to optimize any modeling effort so that precious resources are not squandered. 

Our team of engineers has many years of experience solving complex problems. We are used to dealing with complex and difficult applications, processes involving highly non-ideal mixtures, complex reactions, or highly integrated flowsheets with multiple recycle streams. We don't pretend to know all the specifics of our client's processes, but we work together to produce modeling solutions that can provide substantial economic benefit.

Today the simulation companies are ever expanding their product offerings. Do you know the best ways to leverage the various process engineering "Suites"? 

We work with you on the scope and objectives of the project to produce a Simulation Plan. Then we work with you to develop the model, validate its reliability with actual plant data, use the model to answer the initial process questions, and train your staff in its use.