Example of modeling a multiproduct biopharmaceutical facility. 

Simplified section of a larger process flowsheet showing the typical scheduling of fermentation with media prep. Fermentation is usually the longest step of a bioprocess, and the first place that bottlenecks might occur.
The schedule shows 2 identical processes that share a media prep tank.
Therefore the complete plant would contain 2 seed fermenters, and 2 main fermenters, one set for each process. However those two main fermenters are fed from the same media prep tank.
In this example there are no issues with the single shared tank as it is not in use for an extended time, and can easily be cleaned and turned around. However conflicts can easily arise in processes where there are many tanks to be shared, or tanks are in use for extended periods.
The facility also includes a shared CIP (Clean-in-place) skid and a shared SIP (Steam-in-place) skid. Again, in this example the CIP skid utilization is low, and there are no conflicts, however even here one can observe the bunching together of CIP operations. This is typical, and can become problematic when many vessels are cleaned. Sometimes cleaning schedules require manipulation to optimize and spread the CIP operations.

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General Flowsheet for Process A and Process B 

Equipment Occupancy Profiles for the Production Schedule


B-0 - Process A, batch 1 B-1 - Process A, batch 2
B-2 - Process B, batch 1 B-3 - Process B, batch 2