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  • Determine the best, most economic, plant design
  • Examine plant retrofit options and other process improvements
  • Determine process fit requirements for new products
  • Examine process economics for new processes or products
  • Compare process alternatives
  • Develop robust schedules and eliminate bottlenecks for batch processes

Hot Topics:

Biopharmaceutical Process Simulation and Scheduling

Biofuels - Biodiesel and Bioethanol Process Optimization

ChemSim's chemical and biochemical engineers are experts in applying process simulation tools to the design and optimization of industrial chemical processes. ChemSim works directly with client engineers to solve important business and engineering problems. Our goal is to maximize the return on your modeling investment.

Most recent presentation: 

"How Process Simulation is used in Biogen Idec to Optimize Manufacturing Processes" - IBC Conference, Rhode Island, Sept 2010 
Alex Fotopoulos - Biogen Idec, Chris Antoniou - Biogen Idec, Ian Gosling - ChemSim 

Services Provided

  • Consulting, on all aspects of process simulation
  • Advice on the best process simulator for your needs
  • Expertise in many flowsheet simulators including Aspen One, Pro/II, BatchPlus, SuperPro and SchedulePro, PD-PLUS, and ChemCAD.
  • Software Integration solutions


We have many years of  experience applying the suite of tools developed by Aspen Technology so if you have problems regressing physical properties, converging a large flowsheet, or implementing a 'user' model we can help. 

Today, more groups are looking at dynamic modeling using Aspen Dynamics and Aspen Custom Modeler (ACM). However with these products it is important to structure the problem in a manner which facilitates solution of the equations. We have the experience to smooth the migration from the steady state, Aspen Plus solution, to the most appropriate dynamic solution. 

For dynamic modeling, an alternative approach to ACM and Aspen Dynamics is the
modeling environment of gPROMS
, from PSE Ltd.  This newer product shares it's pedigree with Aspen Dynamics, as both originate from SpeedUp - the original tool for dynamic flow sheet simulation. However gPROMS incorporates the latest in algorithms for solving tough numerical problems.

For bioprocess simulation our team has had good experience with the Intelligen suite of products, SuperPro Designer and SchedulePro. We can also provide custom solutions with this suite, utilizing Excel with a Visual Basic interface.

If you need little more than a spreadsheet for calculations, or you need an equivalent to Visio to quickly layout a process flow diagram, or have a batch process why not try SuperPro Designer from Intelligen!  For process scheduling problems where Project is not suitable, try SchedulePro. 

There are many simulation tools available, ranging in complexity and price! We use the most suitable tool to solve the clients problem. 

Biopharmaceutical Process Simulation and Scheduling

The optimal operation of Biopharmaceutical processes poses a unique set of problems for the process engineer. Although the process is operating in a validated environment there is still the need to improve productivity and reduce costs. 

For batch operations in multiproduct facilities use the combination of SuperPro and
to investigate scheduling, resource requirements, bottlenecks, etc. See a simplified example of modeling a multiproduct biopharmaceutical facility.

For a more in depth discussion of Bioprocess Simulation Strategies in pdf format. "Optimizing productivity in multiproduct batch facilities"
(Genetic Engineering News - Sept 2003.) 

And for an updated summary on the latest tools and techniques used for bioprocess simulation see our article;  "Simulation tools in the optimization of biopharmaceutical processing". 
(Innovations in Pharmaceutical Technology - Winter 2010) 

For more information, see a brochure of our capabilities.